28 comments on “Episode 4: Every Other Weekend

  1. Manny Hernandez on · Reply

    So happy and honored to have worked on this piece. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

    Manny Hernandez

  2. Manny Hernandez on · Reply

    So happy and honored to have worked on this spot. Thank you so much.

    Manny Hernandez

  3. Just beginning my divorce now and my heart breaks for my sons who will only see their father a few times a month, just like the video. I can only hope their father will be as supportive and try to be so close. Children mean everything!!

  4. What a beautiful episode. So real, so right now. You really want this relationship to grow. Incredibly well-written and acted.

  5. Tamara on · Reply

    Another touching episode. The most poignant moment for me was when the father reminded his son about the friend he’d lost touch with. Is there anyone who doesn’t have a memory of a friend’s parents creating such bad vibes in their home that you just couldn’t hang out there any more? I thought this was a fresh and interesting way to go rather than use the cliche, ” You’ll see, it will all be better this way.”

    Great work by the actors. I could see the restraint the father was using when his son told him his mom didn’t want him calling the house; for his son’s sake, he didn’t resort to the same negativity.

  6. Interesting depictions by the father. He said a lot with his facial expressions – especially near the end.

  7. Through the best and the worst, the difficult and the easy, we owe it to our children to always be there for them. It’s nice seeing a divorce story where the father isn’t portrayed as the root of all evil. This episode left a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.

  8. martino on · Reply

    Beautiful writing and acting in this episode. The special connection captured here, shared by these two, can only give one hope that each of us has the ability to “live in the moment,” even if it comes every other weekend.

  9. Poignantly captures the pain and awkwardness of the moment every child dreads when they are forced to come to terms with their parents’ marriage falling apart. I was very moved by this episode. It brought back the wounds left from my own parents’ divorce. Thrilling to see your name in the credits, Scott!

  10. Very authentic, poignant, affecting. I liked that so few words were used to convey the powerful emotions of father and son and that the few that were used were so true to real life. Great job!

  11. Touches on all the issues in a gentle way: the changes and the wish to hold on to the old order of things, the money issues (iphone), the simmering parental hostility, the desire to be involved in the classic father/son areas like girls and sports. Great writing.

  12. The scene and the language was so simple and quiet….I really felt like I was there and this was a real situation. The acting was incredible and you could feel their discomfort at trying to hide their sadness–it made me cry. Anyone watching this would want the world to know how to make it better for children of divorcing parents. I look forward to reading more.

  13. Wow! It’s impressive how the scene, with just a few strokes, gives all the information we need about the past, present, and future. Bravo!

  14. Spanish & english versions credits are incorrect. Its Bailey Garcia NOT Bailey Gomez

  15. Compelling vignettes. Extremely well written , expertly acted and directed. Would like to see more.

    • I can recommend one. I 40years old recently had a heart to heart with my 74year old dad. He was telling me I should not yell at my kids. I told him, I yell because i don’t want to hit them as you hit me. The conversation got really deep and emotional. Pm me if you want more details.

  16. Barbara on · Reply

    Bailey, you are a gifted actor. You’re just amazing! The sky is the limit for you.

  17. Gary Julius on · Reply

    Really powerful scene! Bailey Garcia was great… what an impressive range of emotions for a young actor. Bravo!

  18. munson15 on · Reply

    Great conversation. Are these two actually father and son? I was so drawn in. Nice work.

    • Manny Hernandez on · Reply

      We aren’t related but Bailey was so easy to work with it felt like i had known him for a very long time.

  19. wow! Great Job Guys! I was very into it the scene almost cried! Amazing scene I wish I could see the next scene with his mom. Keep them coming!!

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