A daughter struggling with the consequences of her behavior cries out for help one last time.  This episode was tightly written and directed by Kevin D. Bailey, and featuring Camille Wyatt and Adriane McLean.


Hey Kev, thanks for taking the time to talk to us.
Thanks for having me.

You’ve been with Front Seat Chronicles since the beginning, where you’ve worn many hats, what has that experience been like for you?
It has been an amazing experience working with so many talented actors, writers, and directors.  This series has given me the opportunity to challenge myself as all of those things as well.  It has been very fulfilling to work on a series that deals with so many life situations that goes on in all of our lives.  I really believe that the Front Seat Chronicles can and will be very helpful to our community.

What prompted you to write this particular episode dealing with substance abuse?
Substance abuse has been in my family for generations and I’ve been on both sides of the situation. From witnessing the abuse being enabled as well as the confrontation to recommend that, help was imperative.  I wanted to write a story that inspired people to face abuse honestly and be aware of that thin line of supporter or enabler.

You rarely see content about substance abuse targeting Women of Color, especially when it comes to alcohol.   Why do you think that is?  In your opinion is there a reluctance to discuss these issues?
Well to me, that is the concept of FSC.  We show content that we rarely see or talk about openly.  In my opinion, that is because we are reluctant to talk about our “dirty laundry” or things that we feel ashamed of.  It’s my belief that in order for us to learn and grow from our experiences, we have to talk about the things that may make us uncomfortable in our lives.

Can we expect more FSC episodes from you?
I can’t wait to do more episodes of FSC!


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