First Date

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A widower shares a tender story with his son about how he met the Love of his Life.  Written by Dave Davis, and directed by the talented feature director, Nicholas Kalikow, this episode shares some subtly superb performances by Joseph Gilbert and Bill Lewis.

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17 comments on “First Date

  1. Beautiful, touching episode. Written and acted so well, it felt like I was right there with them.

  2. A beautiful and bittersweet prequel to a first date is something not often examined and never so touchingly portrayed. To reminisce a great love and loss, then forge on in hope is quintessentially human and one of our best characteristics. Beautifully done…

  3. A very sweet episode. So many people at my age can truly relate to this story. I cried.

  4. Excellent script Dave! What a touching story he shares with his son. Actors were incredible.

  5. Dave Davis on · Reply

    An amazing showcase of talent all around, from actors to director to camera and production. Capturing such a touching moment between father and son, linking past to present — what a beautiful job everyone!!! Thank you all for the opportunity to share such a heartfelt piece of writing.

  6. All I have to say is….you’re leaving me hanging! There is so much more to this story, I can’t wait for the next episode. Keep it coming guys! Well done!
    sandy 🙂

  7. Anonymous on · Reply

    Marge Davis truly was “The Bomb.” What a beautiful, touching story of embracing life after a loss.

  8. Anonymous on · Reply

    A very sweet moment shared between a father and son, and loving memories of mom. Well done Dave. Very well done.

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