If I Tell You

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A struggling father confronts his girlfriend after her visit to the clinic. Wonderfully acted by Patrice Fisher and Walter Fauntleroy. Written by Cassandra Cooper. Directed by Allen L. Sowelle.

Ten to Twenty years from now, no other race or ethnic group in the US will face a future as challenging as African-Americans.  Unless things change.  Unless we change.

A snapshot – a staggering number of African-American Males are either in prison, on parole, or probation – and on the verge of catching another case.  Over half of all African-American teen girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20.  A rising number of African-American children are disproportionately living below the poverty line.   HIV/AIDS related illnesses are the leading cause of death among African-American Women.  Half of all African-American Teen Girls now carry an STI.

The big truth in all of this is every one of these systemic problems are preventable.

But prevention starts with awareness.  Awareness can start with a conversation. This is the focus of this touching episode written by Cassandra Cooper.


Comprehensive Health Resources for Women of Color

Black Women’s Health Imperative
CDC’s study on HIV among African-Americans
The Body – The Complete HIV/AIDS Resource
The National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS
National HIV and STD Testing Resources
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