25 comments on “Episode 3: I'll Talk About You

  1. Tamara on · Reply

    I really have to commend the writer of this episode for the way the story winds around until it lands on the boy saying “I’ll talk about you.” I think it’s the writer’s way of letting us know the grandmother is more afraid than she is letting on. Very interesting.

  2. People don’t really talk about death until it happens close to them, and even then sometimes they don’t talk about it enough. It can be so challenging, but everyone deals with it sooner or later. It’s great to see it addressed in this episode.

  3. This was a touching story and well acted. Kids can be so resilient even when facing life’s cruelest moments. Gotta give them credit.

  4. Sylvia M. on · Reply

    Simply beautiful and touching! My eyes were welling up. Another pearl of wisdom to guide you in life.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the good work.

  5. Brady Rubin on · Reply

    Beautiful. Very meaningful, cries out for discussion. Makes me proud to watch it.

  6. It’s amazing how powerful these short episodes can really touch ones heart. Excellent performance by both actors to keep ones attention focused on the story line. Great job all around!

  7. I find this video very touching and a great reminder that every moment we have a choice on how to live our lives and that choice counts. Keep making these valuable pearls of wisdom. Thank you!

  8. I am very impressed with your web series. You guys are doing awsome work at One Econmy. I look forward to seeing more first run web series.

  9. Absolutely love that this episode was so “multi-generational” — seems like we see so little of these types of connections on the small screen. Prepping for such heavy news is never easy, but I’ve always been in favor of laying it out early. If one is mature enough (as this boy was) to take the news, I say go for it!

    Great acting, writing on this piece.

  10. Robin Flood on · Reply

    I enjoyed this episode. The dialogue was real. The acting was real. Keep this series going.

  11. Melissa M. on · Reply

    Cancer affects so many families, so it is important to talk about these issues while we’re all still around. It’s a part of life and family, and I thank this website for helping families and encouraging people to have these conversations.

  12. Martino on · Reply

    Provacative dialogue from Nana, love it. Makes you think about who you are when you are “not here.”

  13. munson15 on · Reply

    Moved by this piece………..Kids are smarter than we give them credit for. We need to say the things we need to say to each other while we are alive. Don’t leave anything on the table…


  14. Gary Julius on · Reply

    That was a really touching treatment of sensitive subject matter. Appreciate the positivity considering the heavy nature of their conversation. Great message for the future. Give them something to talk about! Great acting and writing as usual! Keep it up, FSC!

  15. Mark E. on · Reply

    A tough subject for anyone who has had to deal with it knows. Just keep your head up and honor your family. Thank you for sharing this episode about such an important and difficult topic.

  16. Matthew on · Reply

    I’m personally in favor of discussing illnesses/death etc at an early age. Growing up, my siblings and I attended numerous wakes/funerals starting at an early age. It was just how my folks raised us, especially in a large extended family, when someone was always “on there way out”…so to speak.

    Beautiful depiction of this topic, great writing/acting.

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