8 comments on “Episode 6: Salvation Released

  1. Please help treat signs of addiction early if you see it in loved ones. They might hate you now but they’ll love you in the long run.

  2. This was a wonderful episode and well acted. Both actors were very convincing demonstrating their struggles with addiction. I am officially drawn to this series and have been eagerly looking forward to each new episode. Bravo PicTV for again showcasing quality story lines.

    • Thanks so much for your comments Beau. It’s our intentions to have a new episode out every Wednesday for as long as we can.

      Feel free if you have any ideas or stories you’d like to see covered.

      all the best,
      allen l. sowelle

  3. Wow, heavy piece! Co-dependency comes in all shapes and sizes — just when you’re ready to turn the corner, WHAM! it’s there to greet you with open arms.

    Great job Nikol. Kept me in it from start to finish.

  4. Trey Mendez on · Reply

    It’s so rare that we see the reality and complexity of living with someone with a drug problem and someone who enables another’s drug problems.

    It’s not exactly refreshing, since the subject matter is sort of horrifying, but I guess it’s “refreshingly horrifying.” Take that as it’s meant, as high praise.

  5. This one was gritty. I like. What a piece of work those two are. They seem meant for each other except they’re the worst possible thing for each other. When life starts to spiral you have to see it and catch it before it’s too late.

    I hope more episodes deal with the not so pretty stuff.

    Great writing!!!!!!


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