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  1. Doug B. on · Reply

    This is a great topic that covers a very real social issue with a stigma of disabilities. Great performers and even better writer. Big cheers to Dave Davis.

  2. J W Stein on · Reply

    Interesting concept to capture “a moment.” Excellent writing Mr. Davis. The expression of sadness in the eyes, face, body language and manner of speaking of the actress who portrayed Emily established an honest connection for me, making me want to hear what she had to say.

  3. pollopete on · Reply

    Autism is so common these days that it has become part of the “normal” dialogue. More and more people will come to recognize it. Great job of depicting one family’s journey.

  4. papasan on · Reply

    What a moving episode. So much emotion packed into such a short period of time. Well done everyone!

  5. Krissy Kametler on · Reply

    WOW! Great job Dave! This is a very important topic and needs to get as much coverage as possible!

  6. Great job Dave! Glad to see your writing on a timely and important topic. Keep up the good work & hope all is well:)

  7. Stacy Campbell on · Reply

    This is by far greatly written.I became aware of how touching the scene was and that it had given me a heart warming feeling that made me want to see more.I loved the edpiose. Please write more. Thanks for a well written part David I really enjoyed it.

  8. Patti Hendrick on · Reply

    Wow! Great job, so proud of you cos! You are very talented, such an important subject.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. Helen Wickman on · Reply

    Lara, your acting performance is so amazingly real and touching – I cried while looking at the film and way after.
    You are a great actress. I am very proud of you.

  10. Dave Davis on · Reply

    I too wanted to give a special shout out to everyone that worked behind the lens on this piece. Allen, Josh, Devon – your professionalism, creativity and talent was nothing short of spectacular. An amazing concept that truly came to life, and one in which I know has already made the difference in several lives.

    • Thank you Dave. As with anything in our field it starts with story. Thanks for given us a meaningful story to get behind, embroider, highlight, and share with our audience – an audience that has become the much richer, that much more diverse, and appreciative because of a story borne out of the work you do on a regular basis.

      This episode and the continuing discussion, is the epitome of why we created this series in the first place.

      more to come.

  11. Thanks Gene for the kudos. It’s truly a collaboration. Special shout out to producer Josh Feinman for believing in the relevancy of the project

    More to come in our second season. Stay Tuned. And also since we are solely a word of mouth operation, please invite your friends to check out our Facebook page and rate Front Seat Chronicles on imdb.com

    all the best,
    allen l. sowelle
    Front Seat Chronicles

  12. felt like I was watching a really good movie. kudos to dp Devon Lee and director Allen Sowelle. Behind every episode is the collaborative genius of these 2 artists. deserve the telly.

    mean gene

  13. Malgosia on · Reply

    Congratulations Dave…Thank you very much for the topic written in an unusual and sensitive way.
    As a grandmother of an autistic child I watched this episode many times with tears in my eyes.
    I appreciate the subject matter, great acting and all the work that went into creating this movie.

    • Dave Davis on · Reply

      Thank you Malgosia. As you can tell, you are not alone on this boat regarding autism.

  14. Lara Wickman on · Reply

    Thank you, Dave, for your comments and for writing such a great piece. I hope will be writing much more, as you possess the ability to convey human truth and beauty through your words.

    • Dave Davis on · Reply

      Much appreciated Lara. It would be great to work on another piece together sometime down the line. I’ve been receiving numerous compliments about your acting on this episode, so keep up the great work! All the best to you.

  15. Dan and Jillian on · Reply

    Great job! Loved the acting, script, everything! Hope you get to write another one, Dave!

  16. That was a pretty perfectly executed scene. The acting, writing and staging were all spot on. Everyone involved should be proud of the work they did. The fact that it tackles a hard to discuss issue is even more rewarding.

  17. Very good job by all involved. Tough topic that is becoming part of more peoples’ lives. Great job putting it on the “Front seat”and giving it what it needs.

  18. Wow! The actors in this episode do a great job in drawing the audience in immediately. The story line was well written. Nice work by everyone involved!!

  19. Rich Hurts on · Reply

    performances were right on. Nice direction in this segment.

    can anyone get involved with this if they have a conversation to write about.



    • Yes Rich, they can. we are always looking for stories to share that inform and/or inspire regardless of genre.

      you can reach out to me or josh either here or through the FSC Facebook page.

      allen sowelle

  20. Great job!! The script was very well written, and the actors did a great job at presenting the script, and the topic. Nice work!!

  21. Very well done! Thought that the closeness between the characters was special, and the way that the topic of autism was introduced, very unique. Nice job everyone.

  22. Content like this is so very important! As a person who have worked within the early childhood field and have seen countless numbers of children.It is key to have early detection, which can lead to a earlier acceptance often make the road a little less bumpy. Great Work everybody

    • Dave Davis on · Reply

      I agree Mac P. The earlier this disorder is detected, the more services and tools both child and parent can utilize to begin the process — and yes, hopefully less stigma attached.

  23. Carol-Ann Cristella on · Reply

    Well written Dave Davis! As an educator I must say this scene truly captures what parents go through in the early stages of classifying a son or daughter. I just saw my sister-in-law through an early childhood classification for her son. The range of emotions, the “what ifs”, and the ultimate acceptance- all depicted in this screenplay! KUDOS! 🙂

    • Dave Davis on · Reply

      Thank you C-A. The crazy part is with the most recent statistics coming out last week, that it’s becomming even more common these days. It’s moving in the wrong direction.

      For those who are most closely affected, you’re clearly not alone in this. Your family was very fortunate to have you on-board C-A.

  24. Milo Johnson on · Reply

    I’m always surprised when actors can breathe depth into a character in such a short scene. I find myself caring more about these characters than others I have watched for hours.

    Good job.

    PS: I like Ted #12 much more than Ted #5.

    • Dave Davis on · Reply

      I too am very impressed by the way these actors got right down to brass tacks in such a short period of time. Much quicker than I thought possible when I wrote the piece.

      And yes, I also like this Ted much better than in ep. #5

  25. Loved this one. So supportive in her situation. Gives you hope that she’ll get through anything…divorce, job, and most importantly, raising a special needs child. Kudos to the whole team on this project.

    • Lara Wickman on · Reply

      Yes, what I loved about the scene when I first read it, is how much hope there is in the midst of such a heavy and overwhelming situation. Loving support truly changes lives.

    • Martino on · Reply

      I agree Lara, you have to have hope. Your did a beautiful job of bringing us right there. Such a heavy load you were carrying.

    • Dave Davis on · Reply

      Lara, you did an amazing job of portraying Emily in this piece. I may have written the words, but you and Gabriel brought the viewer right in and held us there. How beautiful and comforting life can be, when you know someone is there for you!

  26. tony R on · Reply

    Very well done. I was drawn in and never left. Thanks for covering such a serious issue with such style.


  27. Martino on · Reply

    Interesting way to introduce such a prevalent disorder. So used to it being thrown right at you, so to have it done this way through a relationship was different. Very cool that the guy has her back…we should all be so lucky.

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