11 comments on “A woman tells her boyfriend what they’re expecting.

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  2. Akin Babatunde on · Reply

    Walter you were magnificent and your co star was stunning. You two have amazing chemistry on screen. When are you going to make a full feature…you are a major star on the rise bruh!

  3. Camille on · Reply

    Well written Cassandra! Great work on the actors parts as well….kudos to everyone!

  4. Cassandra Cooper on · Reply

    I’m amazed at the response this has received. Thank you for getting it. Let’s hope we don’t have to be party to these kinds of conversations in real life for any of us.

  5. Teddy Gyi on · Reply

    Splendid performances. Very well written. Best use of dramatic pause I’ve seen in a long time.This one hits pretty hard.

    • Camille on · Reply

      Teddy’s right on about the “dramatic pause”……..now I feel like re-shooting my scene! lol a few pauses never hurt no one…. 🙂

  6. dave davis on · Reply

    An incredibly well done episode. Acting, writing, production, direction and editing all spot on. Had me from the first sentence. What a way to start the second season of Front Seat, congrats!

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