12 comments on “A mother provides some tough love for her alcoholic daughter.

  1. Iesha Thompson on · Reply

    I really like this episode too Kevin. I know it took me a while to check it out but I think that it was really good. The topic is definitely one that everyone I know can relate to and you did an exceptional job depicting it in this piece. I’ll help to promote you in any way I can; just let me know.

  2. Dave Davis on · Reply

    Excellent portrayal of a very real situation. Parents and others who care, walk that fine line between enabling and “tough love” every day. All the more difficult when you throw a child into the mix. Nice job all around, cast and crew!

  3. Errol Frazier on · Reply

    I am extremely impressed! Your work surpasses Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee and Denzel Washington because you touch the human heart in a much needed way. You have the courage to embrace real suffering and not shove it under the blanket of sex and violence .

    You seem to be asking us to let our hearts be open “even in hell”. One cannot ask for more love than that.

    Love Grand Dad!

  4. Dineth Quinones-Allen on · Reply

    Kudos to Mr. Bailey!!!! The message in this episode is one that hit’s home and of great importance in the community!!! Great work, I can’t wait to see more….by the way Kameron is on his way, to do big things with such a creative family!!

  5. Darren Leacock on · Reply

    Kev, i really enjoyed the program, very real. I look fwd to seeing the other shows. Keep up the good work!

  6. Yo Kev great job bro! I thoroughly enjoyed this. The message is deep & clearly portrayed by your lil actor & actresses. Lil man did his thing! Lol keep up the great work I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  7. Angela Martin on · Reply

    WOW!!!! Very powerful message and very real to life! Great work on such a sensitive subject!

  8. Charity Burton on · Reply

    wow great writing Kevin 🙂 I really thought this was a deep message, I know people that have been through the same thing.

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