47 comments on “Episode 2: Story of my Life

  1. Charlene on · Reply

    Very Nice.. who is Shawn Boyle (as seen in the credits), How much input did he have in writing this, seems he needs some accolades here as well …curious.

    • Sowelle on · Reply

      I’m not sure who he is or how much influence he had on the writing. Some changes are always made while we’re shooting. But as for Shawn’s contribution, all I know is the writer wanted him mentioned. All-in-all, it’s a good piece. Wonderfully acted by Veronica and Jessica.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Tamara on · Reply

    Most of all, this episode reminded me of so many conversations I’ve had with my closest friends — the ones you can really trust when you’re at your very lowest. The message for me in this story is that as long as there is a friend like that in your life, you will still notice beauty in the world.

  3. Having gone through a divorce I can relate to the worry and confusion showcased in this episode. When children involved yours fears are compounded. “It’ll be okay,” sounds assuring enough but it’s not easy to maintain a brave face in front of your children when your world is crumbling down. Stay strong Sarah. Don’t bring up the changes in front of the kids. Focus on what is going to stay the same.

  4. Rexamillion on · Reply

    A very moving scene of reality when people are caught between a rock and a hard place. This episode really brings out the thoughts and worries that people think when making a heartfelt TOUGH decision. Also dislikes of their relationship which adds weight to which way they’re leaning. A sight of a little bird breaks the tension which gives only a temporary relief. Great job to all and especially Ms. Rocha.

  5. Suwon Weaver on · Reply

    Love the scene! Great working and very heartfelt! Can’t wait to see more soon. oxxo!!!

  6. Suwon Weaver on · Reply

    Great work and love the scene! So heartfelt and real! Can’t wait to see more!!!

  7. Sandra Harrison on · Reply

    This episode was really touching… I know I can relate with my moments while driving in the car or sitting there just dwelling, pondering life and the circumstances we are in. How did I get here? What can I do to get myself out of this situation? There was so much humanity and power… Bravo Veronica!

  8. Lara Wickman on · Reply

    I can relate so much to this episode, going through a divorce myself, having a young daughter. I remember the fear of the future and the awful feeling of being trapped, not knowing what to do. This went on for years. Then one day I just knew that I had to leave – and I did. It was the best decision of my life. -for me, that is. I think you just know in your heart if a relationship is worth saving or if it is “draining your life force out of you”. I felt so guilty for my daughter’s sake, then one day someone said to me “it is your job to teach your daughter how to be happy” and now I am – happy with myself , happy in a relationship!! It’s been very difficult at times, but now life is full of joy and I can breathe freely again – and I can be the parent I want to be! Life is too precious to waste away.. I think one must either fix what is wrong or leave, never let your spirit die!

    • Veronica Sophia Rocha on · Reply

      Lara, thank you very much for your openness in response. “Draining your life force out of you”…a relationship should never be draining!! I am so glad to read that you are in a place where you are truly happy and can recognize that you made the best decision. What a wonderful, wise, courageous mother your daughter has. I salute your decision and I can affirm that the greatest relationships happen when we are truly happy and can love and be loved in return.

  9. Adrian Merendon on · Reply

    This episode hit home to a lot of people, including myself. Although I have never been divorced (or married for that matter), I have seen how unhappiness in a marriage takes its toll on a person and their self-confidence. I also know first hand about the struggles of employment. As much as we don’t like it, EVERYTHING revolves around money in some way. Your well-being, your health, and sadly, your happiness. It’s a vicious cycle, and no one thinks about it until it happens to them. I hope to see more of this! Amazing job, Jessica!

  10. Tony C. on · Reply

    It’s scenes like these which make one empathize the plight of married life, especially for women. One hopes not to be “ignored” when married. So poignant and sad.

  11. Wow! this was amazing in every possible way! Great conversation that’s real and relatable! Awesome acting and production value! Well done! When’s the next episode and where’s the first??

  12. real, understated and poignant. a slice of life i believe many can relate to and connect with whether they’re in sarah’s shoes or grace’s. well done.

    • Veronica Sophia Rocha on · Reply

      The dynamics in friendship among women can be extremely difficult to navigate. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to offer suggestions, or just listen. When to ask for advice, or just hold stuff in while you drive those around you crazy!!! We need each other so much and it’s great to have platforms like these to help us figure things out.

  13. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball that is difficult to deal with. The actors did a wonderful job in making one feel that some decisions in life are very difficult ones to make. The unpredictable outcomes of certain decisions made with marriage are the most difficult ones. Nicely done guys, keep up the good work!

  14. As those of us who’ve been down this road can relate — finding “the right time” in one’s marriage to say “I quit” isn’t easy…even when you know it has to happen. Both actors were spot on in this episode, and I loved the symbolism of freedom being represented by a bird.

    Nice job!

  15. Melissa M. on · Reply

    Divorce is extremely difficult on families, and seldom is it back and white about who in the relationship is “wrong”. Many people can be affected, not just children but extended families and friends. I’m really happy I found this website. These conversations are about real life issues and I’m really glad there’s a website that is trying to help people address these issues. We have enough entertainment outlets, this website is actually helping people and I’ve already told several people my social circle about it. Thank you to this site for making these conversation videos.

    • Thank you so much Melissa, and everyone else for your time and your comments. For these very reasons we created the series – to highlight common challenges as we share resources that inform, inspire, and ultimately facilitate action.

      And here at PIC.tv we know there are a plethora of sites that are funny, sexy, shocking, what have you, with a ri-donk-u-lous number of views and “likes.”

      That ain’t us. It’s from people like you who help share our content, one by one, as we strive to shine a spotlight on where we are as individuals, in order to guide us toward one another – our shared humanity.

      If you haven’t already, please check out our other series on PIC. And also give us feedback on what you’d like to see next.

      Peace and Blessings,

  16. Gary Julius on · Reply

    Another great episode! Such a tough position to be in for both characters… Really leaves the audience with a lot to think about. What happens to this family after the camera stops rolling? What about Sarah’s child? I say leave the guy! (nothing wrong with sportscenter after sex though!) Great job by all!

  17. Wendy Van Buren on · Reply

    p.s. Acting was spot on! Production was fantastic. I felt I was sitting in the car with them. Loved camera angles etc…

  18. Wendy Van Buren on · Reply

    Wow, powerful, poignant, inspring,sad. The struggle between the two friends initially was something I have experienced. When the Grace was able to back down and really just allow her friend to have her experience regarding the divorce, working, her son etc..and be supportive it was a great moment. Loved the piece with the bird and the way it ended with Grace looking at the bird….

    Friends can be such powerful supports in our lives and can help us sort through myriad feelings and challenges without judgement or agenda

    Great piece!
    Love Front Seat Chronicles!
    Wendy in New York

    • Jessica Tome on · Reply

      Wendy: Thank you so deeply as your comments meant a lot to me in the role of Grace. I fell in love with this piece because indeed many of us have had these candid moments with friends discussing delicate matters yet somehow the love and support between us gets us all through. I loved the closing as well-experiencing those birds and how seeing them affected me. Your insights are incredibly appreciated. Thank you again!

  19. Great writing! To the point and covering a difficult topic. Looking forward to future episodes. The acting and direction are great. Tlhanks

  20. Robert L. on · Reply

    Very natural and real. In addition to her problems, the dynamic between the two draws us in as well. Very well done.

  21. Matthew on · Reply

    Great job covering a topic that many of us can relate to. Rather than covering “the fights” or other typical places in time, you’ve done a real service by highlighting the pre-divorce / contemplative timeline, which is often elusive in film, probably because it’s less dramatic.

    As one who has been down this path, the real heroic moments often come during quiet, introspective segments of life — with the flight of a bird signaling that it’s time to fly.

  22. Its amazing how a small snippet of life can get you thinking… What is the appropriate length of time before you can turn on Sportscenter after sex? Personally, I don’t think she will go through with the divorce.

    Great job! Congratulations!

    • Veronica Sophia Rocha on · Reply

      Jose, it’s interesting because in most cases many people stay in very unhappy situations even though they know they should leave. Fear of the unknown is very powerful!!!

      As for how long you should wait before turning on Sportscenter…I think the next morning after breakfast should be ok! 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.

  23. Daniel Wojack on · Reply

    Good Job! Will be looking forward to future episodes. Gotta run, Sports Center already started….

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