6 comments on “Resources for people contemplating or going through divorce

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  3. Johnny K. on · Reply

    This episode does a great job touching upon some of the many burdens a woman faces throughout a long term traditional relationship. A future episode might also want to set aside issues such as money and children and solely focus on a woman torn between her passion as a human being and the feelings she still has for her husband who is a good man in all respects but where the “thrill is gone”. One angle that is often overlooked is the husband role immediately acknowledging that his wife is a human being and for her to be passionate for something other than him is normal.

    • Thank you Johnny for your thoughts on this. I think it would be interesting to see the husband’s POV on this. Maybe him sharing his feelings, knowing that it’s over, but not ready to let go…afraid of tomorrow. Definitely worth exploring.

      thanks so much.

      allen l. sowelle
      series creator,
      Front Seat Chronicles

  4. mr. big shot producer on · Reply

    Concept has a really unique approach, a brand should look to partner here.

    • munson15 on · Reply

      who does this guy think he is? he does have a good point though. there are a million different ways to cross promote here.

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