26 comments on “Episode 8: What Now?

  1. Dave Davis on · Reply

    Pretty amazing how “true to life” this piece really is. Not more than a month after it aired, my family is now “dealing” with a similar issue, weighing the pluses and minuses of various options. Thank you Bradd and FSC for writing/producing such a realistic piece.

  2. Great job! Acting was superb. Love the feel that Josh created with the camera moves. Love this series!

  3. gary julius on · Reply

    Good point, Dave. There are millions of people who are left behind in the current system. If there was more healthcare available, would healthcare services suffer? Should government get more involved, put more people to work in healthcare?

    Great job to everyone on the episode! One of the best so far! I like how the mood shifted several times but ended up back where it started. What now?

  4. Though it wasn’t necessarily the central theme of this episode, it certainly prompted conversation in my household about the affordability of long term care and the viable options out there.

    Of course on the macro level, it’s indicative of the ridiculous system that we have in this country that ties our dinosaur-era medical/insurance/health care coverage to the almighty dollar, rather than valuing human life. Gee, what a surprise.

  5. Mark Paul Runnels on · Reply

    Wow. What a great handling of a topic many of us are either facing now or have a good chance of dealing with in the future. For years my mother has worked as an activity director in convalescent homes, and hearing her stories, this is an exact depiction of what families and her clients go through. My aunt is suffering from dementia, and it is always sad and disconcerting to look in her eyes and see she does not recognize me. Luckily, her and my uncle are in a home that provides them with the care they need.

    The acting, writing and direction were excellent The range of emotion, especially the bit of humor, clearly conveys the difficulty of an almost impossible situation.

  6. Amazingly real dialogue. Not a family out there that can’t relate to these types of decisions. We all play a role, some major, some minor….kinda brings us together on a spiritual plane. Great production all around — writing, directing spot on.

  7. Wendy Van Buren on · Reply

    Wow, yet another moving episode filled with tension, powerful subject matter, skilled actors and a clearly experienced production team. All who make the story believable and touching. As our parents age each of us is faced with these difficult circumstances and painful decisions. Facing a lifetime of memories with our parents is both beautiful and challenging. Trying to reconcile our emotions and still care for them as they did for us as children can give us great moments of personal growth and show a person just how deep love and courage can be in a person…


  8. Cory P on · Reply

    Well written. Excellent directing and acting. Felt the hardship these brothers are dealing with.

  9. Jesse Lawler on · Reply

    Very nice work. I thought the moment of “gallows humor” laughter in the middle was very poignant, a really nice, true counterstroke to the subject matter. Well done.

  10. John Whitaker on · Reply

    Good work Josh and to the actors. I experienced this with my father who passed on from Alzheimers

  11. I know this story all too well. As a Bronx native I unfortunately know these facilities. It’s too bad this is what we have to look forward to in our Golden years.

    Very important message in this conversation.


    stone Z

  12. Howard Dell on · Reply

    Ivan Basso rocks! Josh great job. Great feel, great movement. Have to say I loved the music to BTW. I’m thinking this is my fav episode so far. 🙂

  13. Andy Martinez Jr. on · Reply

    Nice stuff guys. I like the lightness in the middle there. It really brought their relationship to life. Until next week!!

  14. Joselyn on · Reply

    Beautifully written. Thank you for capturing what many families struggle with in such a poignant way!

  15. T.J. Martucci on · Reply

    Amazing job. Very impactful. I think we can all relate to this in some way or form from past experiences.

  16. What a great webisode. I wind up coming here every week or so to see if there are new discussions. I like being able to watch other people dealing with situations and then think about my own family.

  17. Melissa M.. on · Reply

    I’m so glad a friend told me about this site and this video. I have someone very close to me with a father diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and these are among the tough decisions people are faced with. Thank you for making these videos, I’m glad to find more interesting topics on the site.

  18. michael vocino on · Reply

    This was crafted in such a way that it firmly expresses the confusion, anger, and the real pain that comes with caring for an elderly parent dealing with such conditions as “aggressive dementia…” Josh…you’ve captured this all too common situation with skill…nicely done…

  19. Alicia Hullinger, LSW on · Reply

    The Eldercare Locater website is great. I’ve worked at the Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging in Columbus, Ohio for 15 years. There are programs and assistance in across the United States and this is a great place to start!

  20. Ann Thomas on · Reply

    Great job with a difficult topic. I like the humor in the middle. Excellent acting.

  21. Robin Frank on · Reply

    So many families are going through this situation. Thank you. The acting as terrific.


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